Collection: KIZUNA

KIZUNA is a collection sprung from UNIVERSO and the atmosphere of February.

In Japanese, 絆 (our kizuna) means bonds between people. 絆 was chosen as the kanji of the year by the Japanese public in 2011. (Kanji are the pictograms used in the Japanese written language to represent nouns, verbs and adjectives.) 絆 was selected to celebrate the Japanese people coming together after the the disastrous earthquake in Tōhoku, and their determination to rebuild what was lost.

With UNIVERSO, we wanted to express not only our wonder towards the vastness and beauty of the universe, but also our strong feeling that in this vastness, everything is connected. And one of the bonds that makeup this vibrant and infinite space is the one between human beings.

We developed the concept of KIZUNA in February. When Valentine's Day came along, it became our pretext to reflect on the relationships between people, whether they are romantic or not. Haruko chose the rose as her subject with the same intent: seen as overdone by many, the rose is a beautiful flower that can be re-observed with different eyes. The composition she created is simple and lively. This little rose and the buds that surround it make us feel more protective than passionate. We want to take care of it.

Our theme is completed by mizuhiki, the Japanese art of tying rope into a decorative element. Mizuhiki (水 引) are knots made with Japanese paper (和 紙, washi) in twisted string (紙 縒, koyori). Water glue is then applied to solidify them so that they do not come loose. In mizuhiki, knots are created by pulling strings and therefore they carry the meaning of connecting people.

For now, KIZUNA includes two notebooks in the A5 and A6 formats, singer stitch bound with 64 dotted pages. In addition to these, we offer two types of envelopes with cards where you can write your messages. Maybe to someone who is part of the galaxy of your bonds.