Collection: SHO

A collection that combines graphic design with traditional Japanese calligraphy (書, sho).

Ever since she was a kid, she loves turning off all the noise around her, so she only hears the sound of the brush and forgets about the time passing. Calligraphy is unlike any other art in that you can’t redo it: each composition has to be done in one setting. Haruko loves the quiet and intense concentration she experiences when writing, and the excitement of creating a perfect composition imbued with the meaning of the kanji she draws on the paper.

We wanted to try to join Haruko's calligraphy with concepts that are important to us. The AKARUI MIRAI theme (明るい未来, a bright future), which who chose for the planner, is the mantra of the HARUKAN project since its birth. The design that Stefania has developed around the calligraphy has in turn inspired Haruko to try her hand at HIKARI (光, light), a simple kanji that requires perfect balance precisely because of its simplicity. HIKARI is the central element of the bookmark in this collection.

The SHO collection grew around the planner, which was born first and which made us understand the potential of design that uses calligraphy. But we owe everything to the decision to produce the planner, which was specially created on the occasion of March 8, with the aim of donating the proceeds from the sales to the Shelter Home of the Forlì Women's Center.

For us, this is a very special and very personal collection. It is about of Haruko's passion for calligraphy, a concept (AKARUI MIRAI) that has become vital for us, but above all, the desire to support women whose bright future is fundamental.