One of our goals with the Harukan project is to create sustainable stationery.

What does sustainable mean for us? We are committed not only to reducing the environmental impact of our products (from manufacturing to shipping), but also to operate by the principle of return, creating a positive impact on our community wherever possible.

These are some of the choices we made:

  • All the papers we use in our products are FSC certified, produced without the use of polluting acids or concentrations of heavy metals, They are bleached with chlorine-free products, and are completely biodegradable and recyclable
  • The finishes used in our products (gold foil, high thickness varnish and edge gilding) have a very low environmental impact, as they require minimal energy consumption and do not release toxic volatile organic compounds. Foil and high thickness varnish use a recyclable polimeter and are exclusively digital processes, which avoids engraving films and developing plates
  • The wooden supports of our calendars have been produced by the Mano Libera workshop of the Forlì Prison using exclusively production waste
  • All proceeds from the sales of the AKARUI MIRAI planner will be donated to the Shelter Home of the Forlì’s Women's Center,
  • We have planted 15 trees with Treedom, which will absorb 1,730 kg of CO2

  • We have joined DHL's GOGREEN project to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by our shipments